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    Главная » 2017 » Апрель » 22 » April 22nd The Earth Day
    April 22nd The Earth Day

    How You can be kind to the Earth?

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    1 yuliasoro2014 • 18:06, 24.04.2017 [Материал]
    On the 22d of April we celebrate the World Earth Day.
    The Earth is the place where we live,it is our home and the task is to protect it and appreciate all it gives to us. 
    We must start using public transport instead of our cars, we can use glass and wood instead of plastic. Plastic is really bad because it is made from oil and is difficult to get rid of. Plastic rubbish can also harm animals. It will be effective if people organize planting of the trees and renovation of the parks.If we pick up rubbish it will keep our area cleaner.
    I’m sure if we help the planet our life will be much healthier.If we reduce the usage of natural resources, we will have an opportunity to consume energy and water more wisely.
    2 helloangelll • 18:53, 24.04.2017 [Материал]
    Today, our planet is in serious danger. Acid rains, global warming, air and water pollution, overpopulation are the problems that threaten human life on Earth. 
    Who is to blame for the disaster? The answer is simple: all of us. Our forests are disappearing because they are cut down or burnt. If this trend continues, one day we won't have enough oxygen to breathe.Fortunately, it's not too late to solve these problems. We have the time, the money and even the technology to make our planet a better, cleaner and safer place. We can plant trees and create parks for endangered species. We can put expired food in a compost pile and use it in garden. We can recycle litter. We can support green parties and put pressure on those in power. We only have one Earth and we all must take responsibility and do our part to keep the environment we live in clean and beautiful.
    3 Anonymous128 • 19:03, 24.04.2017 [Материал]
    The Earth is a place,where a lot of people live. Everyday people make The Earth more dirty with throwing rubbish in the streets, dumping of waste in the lakes,seas,rivers and air pollution.If the will continue live like this way, all population of The Earth will die. That's why we must take care about our planet. The problem with air people can solve with making air filters and planting more plants, lke trees, flowers and etc... The problem with water we can solve with clearing all dirty from/ The problem with rubbish we can solve with reducing,reusing and recycle, which will clean our streets. I think, that this all ways can be useful for taking care about our planet.
    4 КАРИШКА • 19:25, 24.04.2017 [Материал]
    On April 22, we celebrate World Earth Day.
    This day is very important, because we have to take care of our planet.
    To save the planet we must clean up the streets, water plants, take care of animals, replace cars with bicycles, and do not pollute soil and rivers . We must respect nature, because nature gives us water, land, fruits, vegetables.
    5 antonovdanila621 • 19:35, 24.04.2017 [Материал]
    People must stop destroing the planet. They have created a lot of ptoblebms so they are responsible for the solution. I think the solution begins with the realization that nobody but we ourselves are hosts of the Earth. We must hurry up to save our planet!
    6 kristina_gol2003 • 19:39, 24.04.2017 [Материал]
    The Earth our home because people must to protect and save the Earth.
    I think people can using bicycles instead cars. People can recycle litter or reuse him again. People must plant a lot of trees and flowers.
    People must care about the Earth!
    Today, our planet is in serious danger.The seas are in danger. They are filled with poison.Every ten minutes one kind of animal, plant or insect dies out for ever.We can plant trees and create parks for endangered species. We can recycle litter.Together we can save the planet and all of us with it.
    Yet we cannot help nature. Now we can make herself a little. For example: in the summer to ride a bike, or walk, to throw garbage in the trash do not contaminate rivers, lakes. prof
    9 asribnyak8987 • 20:56, 24.04.2017 [Материал]
    I can be kind to the Earth using bicycle, bus or walking, planting trees and flowers, saving water, gas and electricity. Also I can try to reduce, reuse and recycle. If we all will do it we could save nature and the Earth.
    10 novik2016cat • 22:12, 24.04.2017 [Материал]
    Every year all people of the worl celebrate the Earth Day! This day is very important for us and our planet. We need to protect nature of the our planet. We should not pollute the air, water, ground. We need to help homeless animals. The fait of the planet in our hands!
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